Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

Our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report


At GDHA, we are committed to equal opportunities and want to ensure everyone is rewarded fairly.

The gender pay gap measures the difference between men and women’s average earnings and is expressed as a percentage of men’s pay. It is a broad measure that identifies the differences between male and female colleagues across the entire workforce regardless of job role.

Pay and Bonus Gap

The table below shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap, based on hourly rates of pay as at April 2017. It also captures the mean and median differences between bonuses paid to men and women at GDHA in the year prior to April 2017.

  Mean Median
Pay 7.7% 13.6%
Bonus -83.6% -746.5%

Our median gender pay gap is 4.5% less than the UK average of 18.1% reported by the Office of National Statistics 2016.

This information also shows that there is no pay gap with regards to performance bonus and incentive payments.

Proportion of colleagues awarded a bonus for 2017

The charts below show the proportion of Women and the proportion of men who received bonus payments in the organisation for the year prior to April 2017.

Pay Quartiles

This illustrates the gender distribution at GDHA across four equally sized quartiles, Quartile D being the highest paid and Quartile A being the lowest.

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. The gender pay gap identified is a reflection of the fact that there are currently more male colleagues than female colleagues in Engineering and Senior Leadership roles.

While our gender pay gap of 13.6% is below the UK average we recognise there is more to do to close the gap, which we are committed to achieve.

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Mark Davison
Managing Director

16th March 2018